Fort Wayne-area defense contractors bring in millions of dollars every year, employ thousands of specialized personnel, and develop products that change our nation. Including such giants as General Dynamics, ITT Exelis and USSI, the defense industry in Northeast Indiana is vitally important to the region.

Northeast Indiana defense contractors work across a variety of defense-related disciplines to produce innovative devices that serve our troops both on the ground and in the air. The defense industry in Northeast Indiana produces assets such as communication systems for use underwater, on the ground, in the air, and via satellite. Fort Wayne-area defense contractors also contribute to our nation's aerospace products and parts, battlefield software, armored vehicle components, logistics and research and development.

Employment & Wages
Occupation 2013 NEI Employment Avg. Hourly Wage National Avg. Hourly Earnings NEI/US
Team assemblers 9,006 $13.23 $14.38 92.0%
Inspectors, testers, sorters, samplers, and weighers 3,081 $14.36 $17.90 80.2%
First-line supervisors/managers of production and operating workers 3,029 $24.13 $27.61 87.4%
Electrical and electronic equipment assemblers 1,528 $13.59 $14.89 91.3%
Mechanical engineers 948 $32.94 $40.75 80.8%
Software developers, systems software 921 $44.97 $49.30 91.2%
Electrical engineers 534 $39.32 $44.14 88.9%
Software developers, applications 502 $35.39 $44.85 78.9%
Electrical and electronic engineering technicians 265 $25.46 $27.92 91.2%
Electronics engineers, except computer 209 $37.47 $45.79 81.8%

Source: EMSI 2014.1 Class of Worker, QCEW

Major Employers
Company Product Employment in FTE
ITT Corp. Wireless Networking Systems 1,165
B.A.E. Systems Platform Solution Aircraft Electronics 1,150
Raytheon Systems Co. Mission Solutions for Aerospace Industry 950
C & A Tool Engineering Inc. Tool and Die 514
Ultra Electronics-USSI Sonobuoys 374
Riverside Manufacturing Electrical Components 205
SKF Reelcraft Reels  170
Stuart Manufacturing Electrical Components 138
General Dynamics C4 Systems Communication Networking Programs 75

Source: Community Research Institute at IPFW


Header Image Courtesy of BAE Systems and Boeing.

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