What is the Dashboard?

The Regional Dashboard is an unbiased data tool that measures a set of key economic indicators to show how Northeast Indiana is performing in comparison to similar regions across the country. This tool provides a common set of metrics for the region and explains what influences our economy through objective analysis; we can then use that information to make data-based decisions in alignment with the mission of the region—to develop, attract and retain talent.

Through the data in the Dashboard, we now know exactly where we stand as a region. And through Vision 2020, we know exactly where we’re going. What part will you play in helping us get there?

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2013 Regional Dashboard
Regional Dashboard

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Progress cannot be measured in a vacuum; therefore, 14 comparison communities were identified that have some degree of similarity to Northeast Indiana or the Fort Wayne Combined Statistical Area. These areas are grouped into the Star and Peer Regions, and Northeast Indiana’s status is compared with the Star and Peer averages. To learn more about the Stars and Peers, click here.

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Top Five Regional Growth Measures

The goal of Vision 2020 is to transform the economy of Northeast Indiana. The baseline status of a region’s economy can be determined through the evaluation of the five main economic growth measures shown below:

 Fort Wayne, Indiana Employment Chart    Fort Wayne, Indiana Per Capita Income Chart

Many regions are still recovering from the recent recessions, and Northeast Indiana is no exception. However, in the past three years, we have seen a strong improvement in Northeast Indiana’s employment growth. Its 3.8 percent increase since 2009 surpasses the Star and Peer averages. More detail.


When measured in terms of Change in Per Capita Income, the region’s growth was one of the weakest in the comparison areas, performing below the Stars and the Peers in both the short-term and the long-term. However, Northeast Indiana’s 5.2% increase from 2010-2011 was closely behind the Star region’s 5.6% increase. More detail.

Northeast Indiana ranks in the middle of the Stars and Peers with an increase of Gross Regional Product of 4.29 percent from 2010 to 2011. However, when measuring the change in GRP for all regions, including the averages for the Stars and Peers, Northeast Indiana ranks 5th out of 17. (Only one year of GRP data is available, so Gross Metro Product data was used for short-term and long-term comparisons.) More detail.

 Fort Wayne, Indiana Productivity Chart    Fort Wayne, Indiana Young Adult Population Chart  

From 2008 to 2011, Northeast Indiana outpaced the Star and Peer regions with a 5.9% increase. However, Northeast Indiana’s productivity remained relatively unchanged (0.1%) in 2011 while the Star region continued to improve. More detail.

From 2008 to 2011, Northeast Indiana’s young adult population was down 1.9%, less than the Star increase of 0.8%, but better than the Peer average decrease of 2.6%. More detail.


Five Pillars of Vision 2020

The Dashboard analyzes five top economic growth measures (shown above) in the 10-county Northeast Indiana region and nearly 40 variables that have a strong correlation to the five growth measures. In order to maintain consistency and alignment with the ongoing visioning work of Vision 2020, the variables were segmented into “Pillar Indices” to correspond with the Five Pillars of Vision 2020 shown below:

 Midwest Talent Index Chart    Midwest Business Climate Index Chart    Midwest Entrepreneurship Index Chart

Northeast Indiana has an average just below the Peer communities in the 21st Century Talent Pillar Index. The region is substantially off pace with the comparison regions and has a lot of work to catch up to the Star average. More detail.



With a Business Climate Pillar Index of 81.5, Northeast Indiana continues to score above both the Peer and Star rankings. A high index score does not mean Northeast Indiana lacks room for improvement. More detail.


Both the Star and Peer regions saw slight increases in the Entrepreneurship Index from 2012 to 2013. Northeast Indiana saw the biggest improvement, rising to 59.4. That increase places the region just under the Star region index (59.5). More detail.

 Midwest Infrastructure Index Chart    Midwest Quality of Life Index Chart    

Northeast Indiana ranks between the Star and the Peer averages in the Infrastructure Pillar Index. This middle ranking shows that Northeast Indiana is doing well, but leaves plenty of room for improvement. More detail.


Northeast Indiana ranks slightly above the Star average in the Quality of Life Pillar Index. The regions have very close scores, so a small increase or decrease could significantly affect Northeast Indiana’s ranking. More detail.